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General Election 2000

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President & Vice President

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President Of The United States Vice President Of The United States
1 position

% Precincts Reporting

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George W. Bush
Dick Cheney
Al Gore
Joe Lieberman
Harry Browne
Art Olivier
John Hagelin
Nat Goldhaber
Howard Phillips
J. Curtis Frazier
Ralph Nader
Winona LaDuke
Patrick J.
TOTAL 15716 9769 89 26 18 612 14

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President & Vice President |Senator & Representatives |Education |Judges |County Offices |Commissioners |Assyria |Baltimore |Barry |Carlton |Castleton |Hastings |Hope |Irving |Johnstown |Maple Grove |Orangeville |Prairieville |Rutland |Thornapple |Woodland |Yankee Springs |Proposals (State & County)

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