Brought to you by Election Magic City General Election - 11/3/2009

Proposal Text


Statement of Reason: Supervisor Vlietstra shall be recalled for causing or recklessly allowing $400,000 in Alamo taxpayer dollars, in 2009, to be at risk while on deposit in a financial institution with no deposit insurance. Justification of Conduct: 1. Township finances are audited every year to ensure the safety and proper management of Township monies. 2. The Township auditor states many municipalities in Kalamazoo County maintain deposits in excess of the FDIC insurance limits and that the practice is not dangerous. No Alamo Township funds have ever been lost as a result of this practice. 3. The Alamo Township practice of maintaining deposits in excess of the FDIC insurance began prior to Supervisor Vlietstra's taking office in the year 2000. 4. During the time Supervisor Vlietstra has been in office, the township audits verify that Township cash assets have increased from $344,617 (1999) to $589,864 (2008). Shall Robert Vlietstra be recalled from the office of Alamo Township Supervisor?

KALAMAZOO CITY -- Kalamazoo Transit Authority Proposal

Shall the City of Kalamazoo Transit Authority, County of Kalamazoo, Michigan levy as a new millage, an amoount not to exceed Sixty Cents ($.60) per thousand dollars ($1,000) (.60 mill) of the Taxable Value of all taxable property in the City of Kalamazoo for a period of three years, for 2010, 2011 and 2012, to provide for public transportation services, including limited evening services? If approved and levied in its entirety in 2010, this millage would raise approximately $998,442 for the Transit Authority.

KALAMAZOO CITY -- A Referendum on Ordinance No. 1856

Shall Ordinance No. 1856, adopted by the City Commission June 29, 2009, which amended Chapter 18 of the City Code or Ordinances to generally prohibit discriminatory practices on the basis of an individual's race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, height, weight, marital status, physical or mental disability, family status, sexual orientation or gender identity in the provision of housing, public accommodations and employment, take effect?