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Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Navigation Program (BC3NP)


Program Overview

The Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Navigation Program (BC3NP) provides low-income women access to breast and cervical cancer screening services (mammograms and Pap tests) and follow-up care if needed. The program does not pay for cancer treatment, but women may be eligible for a special Medicaid program through BC3NP that will cover cancer treatment.

Who Is Eligible?

  1. Women age 40-64 for breast screening/diagnostic/treatment services
  2. Women age 21-64 for cervical screening/diagnostic/treatment services
  3. Women age 25-39 for breast diagnostic services
  4. No Insurance coverage for breast/cervical screening or diagnostics (this includes high deductible)
  5. Michigan resident, including migrant workers and non-citizens
  6. Family Income as follows:

Family Size

Max Income
1 $37,650
2 $51,100
3 $64,550
4 $78,000
Each additional member, add $13,450

Note: Women who are enrolled in a managed care program, a health maintenance organization, or Medicare Part B are not eligible for the BC3NP.

Where can I go for more information and services?

Branch and St. Joseph County

Kalamazoo County Health and Community Services

Local call: 269-373-5213

Toll Free: 1-888-243-4087
E-Mail Breast & Cervical Cancer Control Navigation Program

Hillsdale County

Lenawee County Health Department

Local call: 517-264-5235

E-Mail: personalhealth@lenawee.mi.us

See our flyer for more information

Organization Information

Annual Reports


Organization Documents

- Strategic Plan
- Mission and Vision
- Agency Organization Chart