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Fluoride Varnishing


What is Fluoride Varnish?

  • Fluoride varnish is a protective coating that is painted on teeth to help prevent new cavities and to help stop cavities that have already started.

  • The painted on fluoride varnish is sticky, so it attaches to the teeth easily and makes the outer layer (enamel) of the teeth harder, helping to prevent cavities.

  • Fluoride varnish is a topical fluoride treatment, which strengthens the teeth and reduces the prevalence of decay.

What are the Benefits of Fluoride Varnish?

  • Fluoride varnish releases fluoride over several months, which strengthens the teeth and helps to prevent decay. Fluoride varnish can prevent new decay by 60% and arrest decay that has already started.

  • Fluoride varnish is painless, quick, and easy to apply.

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